Filling a Pail, Lighting a Fire: what works best for learning?

At Edkimo we regularly meet with actors from the education, startup, and research community. Over the years we have encountered very different approaches when we discuss learning and technology. We have seen this for example at our EdtechXEurope startup pitch. The differences boil down to two basic ideas: “Lighting a fire or filling a pail.” […]


Feedback is a constant dialogue at eye level

“Feedback for us means improving through feedback. Because if you’ve stopped getting better, you’ve stopped being good.“ Andreas Dietwald and Dagmar Louran-Pergantis, Goethe-Gymnasium Kassel, Germany Why did you choose Edkimo at your school? Prior to the introduction of Edkimo, we initially worked with paper questionnaires in 2010 until the working group responsible for organizing the […]


Feedback and digital media in vocational education and training

“So far, I have collected stacks of paper questionnaires with the trainees’ feedback. Afterwards, I had to spend ages evaluating the results. Since we started using Edkimo, it’s all automatic.” Horst Hochkirchen, Feedback representative and deputy head master Motor Vehicle Guild Hagen/Ennepe-Ruhr, Germany Trainee feedback in vocational training Does the training correspond to the idea […]


Systematic, software-supported student feedback in the classroom

“It’s about student participation, co-creating learning, and signaling that as a teacher, I am always a learning person. Micha Busch, teacher for German and English, Stadteilschule Am Heidberg, Hamburg, Germany What does feedback mean to you? Student feedback is an easy way for me to have a conversation with my students – about the time […]


Using Edkimo for a classroom project

“It’s really great that the Edkimo app can be used in so many ways and provides valuable support for both teachers and students.” Claudia Schräder, Quality Management Coordinator, Kirchhain Vocational Schools, Germany Edkimo as a “market research tool” I chose a market research project as an introduction to learning area 10 – Planning, controlling and […]

A business based on honest feedback

This article was first published in the June 2018 newsletter “Research in Germany”. Sign up here When German start-ups feature in media reports, it tends to be companies that have been set up in major cities such as Berlin, Munich or Hamburg.New businesses are also being established elsewhere, however. In the small town of Lüneburg, for example, […]

The Power of Feedback – Video

Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement. In 2007 John Hattie and Helen Timperley have published a paper called “The Power of Feedback”.

Google Launchpad Berlin – Round-up

Google Launchpad Berlin is a one-week accelerator program for early stage startups. The original idea is from Tel Aviv. It is now rolling out around the world. The Edkimo team was happy to be part of the first edition of Google Launchpad Berlin!

Google Launchpad Berlin (Day 5)

Google Launchpad Berlin put the focus of the last day of the accelerator program on Marketing and Pitch. And we experienced some drone quadrocopter video shooting.

Google Launchpad Berlin (Day 4)

We started with a broken lift, walking up to the fifth floor on the vertigo-inducing stairs of the Factory Berlin. Fabian Hemmert’s talk on UX was definitely worth it.