Edkimo requirements

1. Why use a feedback app?

An app is a small program that works on all mobile devices. Students can download Edkimo for iPhones or Android smartphones or tablets. Of course, surveys can also be answered via the Edkimo website. Just click here and open it with the feedback code: www.edkimo.com This works on any computer – at school or at home.

2. What kind of equipment do teachers need?

The best way to create and manage your surveys is to use a computer or tablet. First, log in with your username and password: https://app.edkimo.com/login On your personal dashboard you can create new questionnaires, show results, and delete surveys. If you have no Edkimo account yet, please register here: https://app.edkimo.com/signup

3. Do all students need their own mobile phone?

Of course not! Our feedback app works just as well on PC, laptops or tablets. Since feedback with Edkimo is very fast, several students can also share one mobile device. Once a questionnaire is answered and sent, simply click the button “Next participant” and pass the smartphone or tablet on to the next student.

4. What are the advantages compared to classic paper surveys?

Students appreciate the anonymity. In paper surveys, they fear that teachers could recognize their handwriting. For teachers, our feedback app offers a tremendous work relief and saves a lot of time. By discussing the results, teachers and learners can work together to improve the lessons.

5. Does Edkimo only work for schools?

No, our feedback app can be used in all situations where teachers and learners come together: at universities and colleges, adult education centers, NGOs and professional trainings at companies.

Create and manage your surveys with Edkimo

6. How do I create a survey?

To create a survey, simply chose a template from the list. Give it a title (for example, the name of the class), click “add” and the new survey will appear on your dashboard with the feedback code.

7. How many survey templates are there?

There are several Edkimo templates, which were developed together with an educational research team from the Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany. In our free version (first account at school) you will find a selection of these questionnaires. Once you purchase a school account (full version), we support you with survey design and include your already existing questionnaires as online templates in Edkimo.

8. We have our own school survey. Can I use this in your app?

Sure, just send us your template as a word/pdf or xls-file by email: contact@edkimo.com We will be happy to help you in adapting it to the needs of online use and automatic evaluation and upload it as an Edkimo template for all teachers of your school.

9. How can I be sure that the Edkimo templates are any good?

Our Edkimo team has been involved in various educational studies and we have many years of experience in the process of creation, piloting and standardization of questionnaires. We continually improve the quality of our templates and develop them further with educational experts from Leuphana University.

10. Can I also ask my own questions?

Yes, all users can add their own questions to the Edkimo templates. You can also create your own templates with different question types (Open Questions, Multiple Choice, Likert Scale) and reuse them whenever you like.

11. What does the results screen look like?

The results overview helps you to focus on the most important points and is divided into three sections:

  • a text summary provides the most positive, the most negative, and the most questionable issue.
  • for the different areas of the survey, results are pictured as diagrams
  • all questions with open answers are listed
  • each individual question is pictured in graphic with detailed statistical key figures.

12. Who can see my results?

The results are entirely in the hands of the teacher. The school management has no insight into the results of your class. However, we advise you to release and discuss the results with your students, who will be then more motivated to change negative habits and improve the lessons. Of course, this decision is entirely up to you. To discuss the results, either put them on a screen, print them on paper or send them by email. The answers to open questions can also be blended out.

13. How much time does Edkimo save, compared to other feedback methods?

With Edkimo the feedback process is shortened to a few minutes. All steps from gathering feedback, to evaluating data, and discussing the results with the learning group can be done at the end of a lesson, and do not longer take days or even weeks.

Data protection with Edkimo

14. What happens to my data and data of the students?

Edkimo means privacy-by-design. We do not collect personal data from pupils and do not create student profiles. From teachers, we collect just as much data as necessary for communication and the process of account administration.

15. There are also free offers for online feedback. Why does Edkimo cost money?

Edkimo relies on a service-oriented business model: We provide schools and teachers a good value app for a small amount of money. This allows us to remain faithful to the principles of data parsimony. In particular, competitors from the US, are based on a data-financed business model in which student’s and teacher’s profiles include as much data as possible and are refined by means of targeted advertising or the resale of personal data.

Any more questions?

16. How much does Edkimo actually cost?

Students can use Edkimo free of charge and without registration. Edkimo is also free for the first teacher at any school. Just sign up here: https://app.edkimo.com/signup The cost of an Edkimo full version depends on the size of your school. We charge 1 Euro/US-Dollar per student per year. For large schools, the price for a school account is capped at 800 Euro/US-Dollar

17. Mobile phones are banned at my school. Does Edkimo make any sense for us at all?

Yes, Edkimo works on all technical devices connected to the Internet. Questions can also be answered on school’s laptops or PCs or of course, also at home.

18. There is no Internet connection at our school, but feedback is important to us.

Most students nowadays have a smartphone with an Internet connection. Even with only two to three smartphones, one can quickly question a whole class because at the end of the survey the button “next participant” appears and several people can share just one device.

Do you have more questions? Don’t hesitate to write to us an e-mail: contact@edkimo.com

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