• Further privacy: first name and surname removed from the personal settings (specification of user name, e-mail and school are sufficient)
  • Update and bugfix for print and PDF, especially for the display of bar charts.


  • 3 new questionnaire templates (#COVID19) for parent, teacher and student feedback on distance learning
  • for teachers in Hamburg we have added 3 additional templates “HH-2020 Distance Learning”


  • Supplementary notes on the indication of percentages in bar charts (percent-of-responses not percent-of-cases)
  • Hint to the mouseover function for MC-questions to show absolute figures


  • Optimized, less detailed display of QR code and feedback code for use in a live context on a beamer


  • Schulen in Österreich wurden in den Edkimo-Anmeldeprozess integriert
  • Österreichische Lehrkräfte können sich jetzt einfach anmelden: https://app.edkimo.com/signup


  • Improved bar charts: long axis labels are wrapped
  • Active survey can only be edited when there is no response yet
  • CSV data export opens automatically in Excel
  • improved mobile view for smaller displays


  • Display the logo of your school in the dashboard for premium accounts
  • New response scales:
    • Grades scale with calculation of the average
    • Smiley scale
  • Improved display of the QR code


  • CSV export for premium accounts
  • Optimized data visualization for bar charts
  • Switch between bar charts and pie charts
  • Show question types in template editor


  • Send a template directly to another Edkimo account
  • Conversion of a survey into a template possible
  • Extended list of questionnaire templates
  • Smaller bugfixes:
    • Main menu collapses in mobile view
    • improved variance filter for summary texts
    • Limitation of title length for correct generation of QR codes
    • Chat window for support hidden in participant view


  • FAQ pages integrated into the support chat
    • German, English and French


  • Word cloud for short answers up to 20 characters
  • Word cloud for Emojis
  • Smaller bugfixes:
    • Registration also works for new TLDs, e.g. my.name@my.school


  • 3 new standard templates:
    • Feedback in the school management team
    • Teacher peer feedback
    • Student peer feedback


  • Delete your Edkimo account directly (previously only by e-mail request)
  • Smaller bugfixes:
    • Missing template for vocational schools added again



  • Logo selection for the paid full version
    • previously only one logo per organisation
    • now multiple logos selectable
  • Registration support via email registrierung@edkimo.com


  • Display TANs in list view
  • Previously only PDF view
  • Now also copy&past
    • Smaller bugfixes


  • Enable “duplicate survey”
    • Duplicates are marked with (*).
  • Print CSS optimized for printout and PDF
    • questionnaire
    • results
  • Smaller bugfixes