Using Edkimo for a classroom project

“It’s really great that the Edkimo app can be used in so many ways and provides valuable support for both teachers and students.”

Claudia Schräder, Quality Management Coordinator, Kirchhain Vocational Schools, Germany

Edkimo as a “market research tool”

I chose a market research project as an introduction to learning area 10 – Planning, controlling and monitoring sales processes – in accordance with the framework curriculum for the training occupation of industrial clerk.
The trainees were tasked with developing a soft drink with a marketing idea in project groups, having their drink tested and, in this context, conducting a survey on their new product and then evaluating it. Finally, the groups had to forecast the market opportunities for their products.


From paper questionnaires to online surveys

In the past, the questionnaires were created on the PC as part of the survey and copies were made for the test and survey campaign. The questionnaires were filled out by hand by the test persons and finally evaluated by counting.
In this context, the Edkimo app, which has been available to our school since 2019, turned out to be an absolute stroke of luck. I had the idea that we could use the Edkimo app as a tool for the survey by the students and accordingly do without paper and elaborate counting of the survey results.
The Edkimo team has been super helpful to me in this regard and has set up six accounts for the project groups in a completely straightforward manner. I gave the trainees a short introduction to the Edkimo app and they were then able to create their questionnaires with the app immediately and without any problems.

Mobile learning with tablets

Another big advantage was that our school has iPad cases. So the trainees created the Edkimo surveys about their product using the iPads and had other students and also teachers from our school answer the surveys on the iPads during the beverage test as part of the project.
The form of questioning with the Edkimo app and the iPads went down great with our test subjects and, according to feedback, left a really professional impression. In addition, the fact that the evaluation with the Edkimo app could be done super quickly and easily made the whole survey action absolutely round and more than satisfactory for my trainees.


Versatile survey tool

After conducting the surveys, colleagues approached me very enthusiastically that they would also like to use the app so that students can work with it and conduct surveys accordingly. The Edkimo team has set up 10 accounts for me for students, which I manage at our school and will make available to classes if desired/needed. The first concrete requests have already been received.