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Feedback for teachers and learners

Edkimo provides teachers with a time-saving, hands-on way to receive feedback from their students via an app. Feedback with Edkimo is anonymous and honest. Discussing the real-time results engages and motivates students. Everyone in the class becomes an accountable co-producer for better learning and teaching.

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Improve teaching and learning

Teachers need better feedback! Student feedback with Edkimo has a strong focus on learning - not the personality of the teacher. Thats is how we can help teachers and students to improve.

The Power of Feedback

Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement. To make the most out of it you should think of feedback that is received, not given. Like the feedback teachers receive about their own impact.

Privacy by design

We believe in your right to privacy. The Edkimo feedback app comes with privacy by design built in. It is "made in Germany". We collect no personal data or profiles of students. Teachers have full control over the data from their classes.

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As easy as 1, 2, 3

Choose a questionnaire

We provide ready-to-use questionnaires on different topics. They are classroom tested with a strong focus on learning. We have developed them with professors at Leuphana University, Germany. You can also add your own questions.

Ask your students

Students answer the questions on their computer, or they can use our free mobile app on a tablet or smartphone. The surveys are 100% anonymous. We do not collect personal data from students.

Discuss the results

Teachers receive the results in real-time. We encourage them to share the results with their class. Edkimo delivers readable data with an overview text, clear visualisations, and detailed statistics. You can focus, and improve.

What teachers and school leaders say

Karina WestphalLehrerin
Es ist es eine tolle Sache, dass man gleich die Auswertung mit den Schülern besprechen kann. Auf den ersten Blick sieht man, wo es gut läuft und an welchen Stellen noch Verbesserungsbedarf besteht.
Mario ReinhardtSeminarleiter
"Umfrage und Auswertung verliefen reibungslos. Das Feedback-Instrument ist für die Zielgruppe in hohem Maße praktikabel.“
Jan WickeLehrer
"Besonders wichtig für die Schülerinnen und Schüler ist es, dass die App wenig Aufwand für sie bedeutet."


Christiane LangerSchulleiterin
Um ein schnelles Feedback zu bekommen, bietet Edkimo super Lösungen an. Am wichtigsten ist dabei, dass man als Lehrer seinen individuellen Fragebogen entwickeln kann. Das macht das Besondere an Edkimo aus.

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For the first teacher at every school.

  • Personal account
  • Unlimited number of surveys
  • Ready-to-use survey templates
  • Add your own questions

School disticts

On Demand

Your customized feedback solution

    • Special pricing for school districts
    • Easy-to-use instrument, high engagement
    • Formative assessment for better learning
    • Use short templates or ask your own questions
    • Classroom solution to complement your assessment platform on the district level
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"Teachers receive anonymous feedback from students, the app provides recommendations for the next steps to focus on."

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"Start-up company Edkimo is exhibiting an innovative feedback app for clear communication at schools at CeBIT 2015"

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"But there is one start-up I’m interested in, which is Edkimo," says angel investor Rainer Ammel.

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