Feedback for learning.

Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement.

With Edkimo you can ask your questions and receive valuable feedback from your students or participants; in real-time. As a teacher or trainer you can see learning through the eyes of your students. Discussing the results improves the quality of teaching and learning.

Edkimo is this simple

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Ask the learners

Participants answer your questions on their smartphone, tablet or computer. Edkimo surveys are 100% anonymous, it’s privacy by design. We do not collect personal data from students so that you can be sure to get honest feedback.

Use a template

We provide ready-to-use questionnaires on different topics. They are classroom tested with a strong focus on learning. We have developed our surveys with our university partners. Of course, you can also add your own questions.

Discuss the results

As a teacher you can see the responses in real-time. We encourage you to share the results with your participants. Edkimo delivers readable data with an overview text and clear vizualisations. Ready to start a conversation about learning.

Edkimo Premium & Teams

Filter results

Are you interested in the results of a specific subgroup? Premium users can use the filter function to interactively split the results view. This makes it easy to compare the answers of subgroups with each other or in relation to the overall group.

Manage with team admin

Would you like to successfully manage the use of Edkimo at your school or organization? With the team admin role, you can invite users to join your team, create team templates and view anonymized key figures.

Summarize and compare

What about an overview of the results from several surveys? Easy enough! As a team admin, you can summarize and compare results – either all or only selected questions. Filtering the individual surveys is optional.

Template Library for You

You can use many tried and tested templates from the Edkimo template library. The templates cover different areas and are available for free to all users. Check it out!

Feedback for Learning

Edkimo works for teachers at schools, lecturers at universities but also for trainers in lifelong learning and vocational training in companies and NGOs.

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Our Partners

With our network of partners, we are developing Edkimo into the best feedback tool to improve learning and achievment.

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Online-Feedback mit Edkimo. Humboldt-Innovation als Partner.
Online Feedback mit Edkimo. QUA-LiS NRW als Partner.
Online-Feedback mit Edkimo. Leuphana Universität als Partner.