Edkimo Team & Advisory Board

Edkimo-Team im Büro in Berlin Schöneberg

Driven by our collective expertise and passion, we are committed to transforming schools into a better place for everyone.

Sebastian Waack (CEO)

“As a teacher I have seen that my students can give me the most valuable feedback to improve my teaching and their learning. That’s why I build Edkimo.”

Sebastian is responsible for product development, questionnaires and statistics. He worked as a science teacher at Campus Ruetli in Berlin and has published several books and papers on student feedback and school development. He blogs about the findings of the Hattie study on Visible Learning.

Jessica Zeller (COO)

“I believe in schools as places for democratic participation that are constantly and jointly created and improved by students, teachers, parents and school leaders.”

Jessica takes care for the operational business at Edkimo. As a media educator, journalist and through her work in the school network “School without Racism – School with Courage”, she has extensive experience in the education sector.

Kai-Roman Ditsche-Klein (CTO)

“I am convinced that technology and digital literacy should be learned in a positive and creative way. School is the best place for that. With Edkimo we build the tool.”

Kai is the technical manager responsible for software development. He holds a degree in Social Sciences and specializes in front-end development. He is also involved with civil society actors in internet governance processes.

Wanda Raitelli
(Customer service & UX/UI Design)

“Feedback is a continuous conversation between the users and the team, the key to create a user-friendly platform“

Wanda is a UX/UI Designer from Argentina who works as the bridge between the users and Edkimo’s team. She focuses on customer relationships, working to understand your needs and translating your feedback into practical design decisions.

Charlotta Pilipchuk
(Customer service, on parental leave)

“Edkimo means communication. Our feedback app creates a back channel, a protected space where every voice is heard.”

Charlotta is responsible for customer care. Communication is her great passion. She supports users with all questions regarding technology, questionnaire creation or account set-up and billing.

Alena Seegenschmiedt
(Working student)

“It is important that digital media do not reproduce existing discrimination, but help to reduce it.”

Alena has is studying to become a primary school teacher with a focus on special education. At Edkimo, she mainly takes care of the content of the template library and the Help Center. She supports us with the newsletter and regularly publishes in our blog.

Elina Arndt
(Graphic design)

“Software aimed at young people has to get to the point quickly. Nobody wants to deal with complicated explanations first.”

Elina is a state-certified graphic designer and studies communication design in Potsdam. She designs the characters and elements of the Edkimo universe and is responsible for our social media channels.

Dr. Christian Fröhlich
(Scientific support)

“Digital feedback enables self-empowerment and participation. Education thus becomes an inclusive and innovative process.“

Christian promotes internationalization and networking and takes care of the scientific support. He holds a doctorate in sociology and has international experience in research on social participation and civic engagement.


Katrin Similien
(Data Protection Officer)

“For technologies in education, data protection is paramount. This applies not only to the code base but also to the basic attitude.”

Katrin is a certified data protection officer and data protection auditor (DGI). She supports Edkimo in the DSGVO-compliant further development of the software, trains the team and regularly reviews our data protection measures.


Torsten Curdt
(Software engineer)

“Fast feedback loops are the best basis for improvements, not only in software development.”

Torsten supports Edkimo in the next growth phase. As an experienced developer and consultant, he helps us automate processes, test and scale the software architecture and make it future-proof.

Don Ludwig

“Design and feedback belong together. Only the exchange between the core team, users and designers brings ideas to life.

Don is a UX designer and helps us to make Edkimo an easy-to-use platform that focuses on the needs of the target group. His work was funded in 2020 with the Design Transfer Bonus of the Federal State of

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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board accompanies and supports the team in the further development of Edkimo.


Svenia Busson

Dr. Anja Hagen

Zwetana Penova


Prof. Mathias Fuchs

Prof. Nicola Marsden

Dr. Nicole Mahler


Marina Braun

Tobias Herz


Manar Hamed
Student (Instagram)

Idara Essien
Student (Youtube)

Jana Wollstein
Graduate Student


Tile von Damm

Phillip Tettenborn

Nikolai Schoppmann